Edmonton Marathon

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2024 Elite Program

Welcome, high-performance athletes!

We support elite Canadian and international athletes who want to race in our Marathon, Half-Marathon, or Army 10K events. 

Due to a limited budget, all Elite applications will be reviewed and approved individually, with a complimentary entry fee and limited financial support for travel and accommodation (see below).

We hope you will join us for the opportunity to run a stunning fast, flat course with an exciting downtown start and finish in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city!

Application Process

Step 1: Check the criteria below to verify your qualification for the elite program.

2024 Elite Status Qualifying Times Men  Women
Marathon (Open) 2:40:00 2:55:00
Marathon (Masters, 40+) 2:47:30  3:05:00
21.1 km Half-Marathon (Open) 1:12:30 1:23:00
21.1 km Half-Marathon (Master, 40+) 1:14:30 1:27:30
10K Road Race (Open) 32:30 36:00
10K Road Race (Masters, 40+) 34:00  38:00

Additional requirements:

  • All applicants must meet the outlined athletic standards to be eligible for the elite program.
  • Priority support will be given to Marathon and Half-Marathon events.
  • The level of support for the Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 10K will depend on qualifying times, gender equity, and the total number of applications. No more than $300 will be offered to support travel.
  • Performance standards must have been attained within the past year. If this is not possible, please explain briefly since we recognize there were limited race opportunities.
  • Age Group athletes, Masters Athletes, and other athletes close to qualifying standards will be considered depending on the number of Elite applicants.
  • First-time Marathon applicants must meet the 21.1 km Half-Marathon standard.
  • First-time 21.1 km Half-Marathon applicants must meet the 10K Road Race standard.

 IMPORTANT: All athletes must provide their own valid authorization to enter and exit Canada (i.e., visa, passport). We do not provide official letters of invitation.

Step 2: Apply by submitting the following items to:

David Falk, Servus Edmonton Marathon Elite Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

  • a. Name
  • b. Date of birth
  • c. Hometown or place of residence you are representing (i.e., town, city)
  • d. Mailing Address
  • e. Event desired (Marathon, Half-Marathon, or 10K)
  • f. Fastest race times, event, and year
  • g. Contact information (include X handle, if available)
  • h. Requests for entry, accommodation, and/or travel support
  • i. Colour photo (if available)
  • j. Social media handles (e.g., X)
  • k. Short biography (one paragraph)

2024 Servus Edmonton Marathon Prize Money

Distance – Category Amount
Marathon – 1st place Male / Female $ 1000
Marathon – 2nd place Male / Female $ 500
Marathon – 3rd place Male / Female $ 250
Marathon – 4th place Male / Female $ 150
Marathon – 5th place Male / Female $ 75
Marathon – Top Master $ 100
Half Marathon – 1st place Male / Female $ 1000
Half Marathon – 2nd place Male / Female $ 500
Half Marathon – 3rd place Male / Female $ 250
Half Marathon – 4th place Male / Female $ 150
Half Marathon – 5th place Male / Female $ 75
Half Marathon – Top Master $ 100
Army 10K – 1st place Male / Female $ 250
Army 10K – 2nd place Male / Female $ 150
Army 10K – 3rd place Male / Female $ 50
  • Canadian Funds
  • Cheques mailed out to the athlete post event.