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Born in a small island in southern China's Zhejiang Province, Chen Penbin could have been fishing for a living and rarely setting foot on the mainland like his father and grandfather did.But thanks to his great talent and stamina, the 39-year-old is now a star ultramarathon runner in China and aims to encourage more people to embrace a healthy lifestyle through running.

Chen is among the less than 100 athletes worldwide who have completed ultra-marathons on seven continents. After November 2014’s competition in the Antarctic, the fisherman-turned-runner became the only athlete to have run over 100 kilometers in each of these seven ultra-marathons. In 2015, Chen finished 100 marathon in 100 days, he ran total 4219.5km in 100 days. In order to encourage more people to start running, Chen launched another challenge in 2016. He invited ordinary runners to form in relay teams of 10, running 100-kilometer races alongside him in five different cities. A total of some 15,000 runners participated in this campaign.