Edmonton Marathon

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Ashley Simon – Half marathon | Whitecourt, AB

Instagram: @therunningmama_

What is your:

Go-to pre-run food/nutrition?
My favourite pre run food is probably the same as almost everyone else! I have a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana slices.
Go-to post-run food/nutrition?
Post run food is McDonald’s chicken nuggets!
Favorite running gadget/accessory?
I don’t carry much when I run so I guess it would be my phone!
Favorite place to run?
My favourite place to run is on our paved trail system in Whitecourt along the river bank.

Would you rather

Trail or road race?
I would rather road races over trail race. My first half was a trail half marathon and my knees and hips hurt for almost a week after!
Indoor or outdoor running?
I much prefer outdoor running! However because I work an on call job 96 hours per week I do have to do lots of indoor running.
Silence or music?
I run with music! Last year at the Calgary half marathon I forgot headphones and had to run in silence. It was definitely not my best, I need upbeat music to keep me going!

Advice for new runners or first time Servus Edmonton Marathon participants?

My advice to new runners is to not get discouraged and don’t give up! The first few weeks I started running I could barely run 2km, this takes time. Give yourself lots of time to train and don’t wait until 2 months before.