Edmonton Marathon

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Meagan Hayashi – Half Marathon | Hinton, AB

Instagram: @meaganhayashi
Blog: Drug Runner

What is your:

Go-to pre-run food/nutrition?
A banana and a cup (or 3) of coffee
Go-to post-run food/nutrition?
Yogurt parfait – blueberries, vanilla yogurt, and a high-protein granola.
Favorite running gadget/accessory?
Does my dog count? Otherwise I would probably have to say my Solomon running pack. Lots of room to fit enough water and snacks for long run adventures.
Favorite place to run?
My home trails in Hinton, AB! Over 45kms of continuous single track trails to cruise on.

Would you rather:

Trail or road race?
Indoor or outdoor running?
Silence or music?
50/50, some days it is nice to have some background noise, other days it is nice to focus on breathing and have aheightened awareness to your surroundings.
Solo run or run with friends?
Always better with friends

When and how did you get started in running?

Like many people, I started running 10 years ago to lose weight and get healthier. I started with short run/walk intervals of 5min/1min, and gradually increased my endurance and speed. I reached my fitness goals within a year, and just kept going because I was hooked!