Edmonton Marathon

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Montana Butler – Marathon | Calgary

Instagram: @montana.butler

What is your:

Go-to pre-run food/nutrition?
Peanut butter and banana on toast with a little bit of honey.
Go-to post-run food/nutrition?
Can I say PB and banana again? Kidding. I usually want something fresh like a smoothie and something salty, so I’ll have crackers and veggies with hummus.
Favorite running gadget/accessory?
My favourite running gadget is my Garmin Forerunner 645.
Favorite place to run?
I live close to the river path and Fish Creek Park in Calgary, so that is always my favourite place to run.

Would you rather:

Trail or road race?
I’ve never done a trail race, so have to say road!
Indoor or outdoor running?
Outdoor running for sure.
Silence or music?
This is probably an unpopular opinion, but definitely silence.
Solo run or run with friends?
Solo run, but sometimes my dad will bike along with me on my long runs in the summer which is pretty awesome.

Where could we find you outside of work?

When I’m not at work you can probably find me… still at work. That sounds bad but I work for YYC Cycle Spin Studios (and YEG Cycle in Edmonton!) and so when I’m not at our office, I’m probably teaching or taking a class! Otherwise, I’m probably baking or doodling at home.