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Rose Cass – Marathon | Vancouver, BC

Instagram: @runtotorose

What is your:

Go-to pre-run food/nutrition?
For long runs, I really make sure I get in some quality nutrition. Such as oatmeal and a piece of fruit or peanut butter toast. Topped off with a cup of black coffee.
Go-to post-run food/nutrition?
Usually coffee, if I didn’t get to have some beforehand. One of my favourite post-run treats is the post-run beet smoothie from the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook. If I am feeling lazy or desperate for food I will make a smoothie bowl or yogurt and granola. Plus all the water I can consume.
Favorite running gadget/accessory?
My watch! I’m slight data obsessed and enjoying looking at my splits post workout. For many workouts, I am trying to hit a certain pace or distance, so having a watch is key.
Favorite place to run?
The arbutus greenway in Vancouver running from one of the southern most parts of the city north to the seawall. This path is just for pedestrians and cyclists where you can cruise and not really worry about car traffic and enjoy the view.

Would you rather:

Trail or road race?
Road race but both are great!
Indoor or outdoor running?
Outdoors 100%
Silence or music?
Silence. I run mostly without music.
Solo run or run with friends?
With friends.

When and how did you get started in running?

Three years ago my partner got me started in running. He was leading a 10K training program and I just tagged along with the training. I always thought of myself as a power athlete. Just strong and that endurance would never be my thing. After the 10K race I was hooked. My biggest barriers were having the patience to train and work past my mental barriers to what I was capable of.