Edmonton Marathon

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Tamara Young – Marathon | Whitehorse, YK

Instagram: @tly_was_there

What is your:

Go-to pre-run food/nutrition?
Before every long run, a bagel with peanut butter and a banana. I eat a ridiculous amount of bananas.
Go-to post-run food/nutrition?
Grenade Protein bar in Chocolate Mint, Mutant BCAA’s in Sweet Iced Tea flavour. Often another banana. 🙂
Favorite running gadget/accessory?
I recently upgraded my running watch to a Garmin Forerunner 245. Love it! I added the running pod so I can get even more numbers and running stats no one but me cares about.
Favorite place to run?
Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, but since I can’t get there every day, I love heading out from my front door where I have access to run on the road or hit the miles of trails that start from my gate!

Would you rather:

Trail or road race?
I love both trail and road running. There are way more trails than roads in the Yukon, but for a race I’ll take pavement!
Indoor or outdoor running?
Outdoor. I have a treadmill and use it in the winter if it’s just too cold or slippery outside!
Silence or music?
Silence! I live in bear country and I want to hear them coming! If I’m on my treadmill, I listen to audiobooks.
Solo run or run with friends?
Both! I do most of my running alone, but it’s nice to have company sometimes, especially on trails(more chatter scares the bears away!) and on super long runs.

Advice for new runners or first time Servus Edmonton Marathon participants?

Runners are remarkably supportive group! When I first starting running, I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t feel like I was a “real” runner. Now I’ve found that runners, regardless of how much faster or slower they are than me, are always supportive. No one understands the runner’s high, the frustration of an injury or the lure of going farther/faster, better than another runner! Just keep trying. It doesn’t get easier, but you do get better! The Servus Edmonton Marathon is the perfect venue for your first race…it’s big enough that you are never running alone, no matter your pace , but not so big that the logistics of getting to the start line are overwhelming! The volunteers are amazing and so helpful. Running through downtown has its own special kind of energy!